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On the subject of Discord

You may or may not have been unexpectedly disconnected from the Code Discord server around 8:30PM EDT on September 10th. Look at your discord sidebar. If you see The Code's discord, congratulations, you're safe! If not, sorry for any inconvenience, feel free to rejoin the Discord from the Contact Us page at the top of this website, and we'll hook you back up with whatever tags you're missing. If you are reading this currently and were not part of the server before, do not fret, for you too can also join via the link from the Contact Us page!

Welcome to the Code site version 1!

Welcome to the new Code website! We hope you don't get lost in navigation just yet.

Please create an account on the forums at your earlier convenience so we can set your permissions.

This is a semi functioning demo of our features and website structure. Structure may be subject to change at any time.

Feel free to check out our changelog over at the Announcements section in the forum. The changelog will be updated with our newest features coming out soon.