About Us


The Original Logo of The Code

History of The Code

In 2014, Captain J.P. Anopheles and a small, tightly knit group of buccaneers set sail for riches and plunder in the Elite: Dangerous universe, to show that the profession of cargo redistribution was not only a viable one, but an enjoyable one. These pirates flew under the banner of The Pirate's Code, one that promises honor in dishonor, and an equal share for all, and they decided that they would as a result call themselves The Code. 

As time went on this small group of pirates went on to become one of the most well known piracy groups in Elite: Dangerous, and to this day is still the first and oldest playergroup in Elite dedicated soley to PvP Piracy and Combat.

In early 2016, with over 500 members, The Code officially expanded into other spacesims Star Citizen under the original name and EVE Online under the name Codex Praedonum. Shortly after, we expanded into numerous other games and are now a full, multi-gaming community with members of all ages from all corners of the world.

Interested in Joining?

The Code is actively recruiting new members, for more information hop on over to the forums(future link needed) and take a look at the applications section.

Our current official games are Elite: Dangerous, EVE Online, Star Citizen, and World of Warcraft, although we play many more games than this and are more than welcome to apply if you're just looking for a fun and welcoming place to play various PvP games of all types with other PvP-oriented players, from PUBG to R6 Siege to Stellaris to whatever comes in the future.

Our only current requirements are that you have a microphone, Discord and Teamspeak 3 installed, and a good attitude towards other members, the rules(link), and the concept of Piracy and PvP in general, no matter the game.