FPS Division


This is the FPS Division page. Here, you'll find joining requirements, what you can expect, games we play, our joining requirements & the link to our application form.

Here are some examples of games that the FPS Division has played in the past few months:

• ARMA 3
• Battlefield
• Blackwake
• Call of Duty 4
• Rainbow Six: Siege
• Planetside 2
• Warframe
Co-Op Games
     • Borderlands series
     • PUBG 
     • The Forest 
     • Avorion
     • Rocket League
     • Conan Exiles
     • Killing Floor 2
     • Divinity: Original Sin
     • Starbound
     • Heroes of Hammerwatch
     • Civ
     • Stellaris

Hello there

Why hello there.

The majority of our activity can be found on Teamspeak, but we use Discord on occasion to share information with people who weren't present & to organize ourselves in the long term.
Our process is incredibly laid back. Find a game you like, hop in Teamspeak or Discord, and ask around!

co op

Co-Op Games

Our community frequently comes together to play whatever co op games are the flavor of the month. This covers both old and new releases. Above are some examples listed. If you'd like to play something that isn't on the list, don't worry-- we're pretty open to trying new games!

What's your recruitment process like?

Our recruitment process is fairly laid back and has no major requirements. The ideal recruit has a functioning microphone, are 18+ years of age, and has a laid back, friendly attitude.

You're welcome to come test the waters/hang out and play some games with us first, in order to see if it would be a good fit-- shoot Excess (excesstigress - Esmée#5397) a message on Discord if you'd like to arrange something.

The Forest Entrails Pic

Nothing quite says friendship like two buddies wrapped up in mutant entrails together.

Do you have skill based requirements?

No. If you are inexperienced in a competitive game, all we ask is that you're willing to learn. No pressure or requirements, just do your best, we'll help you out with ingame advice & your build :)

What kind of games do you guys play?

Pretty much whatever draws interest for the month. Listed above are quite a few examples. 

Well damn

How long does the joining process take?
Fairly short. After you've submitted an application process, we'll just ask you a couple questions about which games you play, what timezone you're in, and just get a general feel to see if this community is a good fit. You're more than welcome to ask any questions along the way! Whenever you're available, we can put together some time to play together and get to know one another. Don't worry, it's not an interview process-- don't feel any pressure, it's normal to be shy or more quiet when you're first playing with a new group. We don't usually turn people away. :) 



But sometimes, we don't screw everything up.

Code Provided Server Hosting
We guess this could be considered a perk. In some cases, if there's enough interest in a title, dedicated private server hosting can be provided to Code FPS members for free. Contact Excess (FPS captain) to discuss any proposals.

We currently run a modded Minecraft server and an Avorion server.