The Code

The Code of Pirates

After years of discussion, debate, and deliberation, a Constitution has been agreed upon that all members must abide by. The following code is what defines us, and allows us to have meaningful PvP interactions, and engaging, emergent piracy encounters. There's only two real pillars to focus on, and they are as follows:

In-Game: We are a PvP oriented group, and we are Villains.

This means that we can and will freely engage any other player we see fit to engage.

  • There are no restrictions on engage-able targets; if you see anyone in any ship you are free to pull them and duel, gank, pirate, or kidnap them. The one exception is dedicated trading ships/other ships of value. If you decide to pirate a ship or ransom their ship or cargo, we honor all ransoms. If a mark obeys and drops cargo/pays, they are allowed to move along peacefully afterwards.
  • Try to communicate with others and hold some semblance of character in game while roaming around the galaxy, even if it's just sending someone "I'm going to boil you up!" before opening fire.
  • Although in general excessive repeated killing of the same target over and over should be avoided, specific policies in this regard are up to the individual pirate's discretion.

Out-of-Game: Don't be an insufferable cunt.

Chat in game and out expect you to use common sense. Racist, sexist, and generally intolerant or intentionally offensive comments will not be tolerated.

  • Act like an adult, not a child. Harmless banter and trash talk is fine, but don't do something stupid like threatening to dox/hack someone, or threaten out-of-game violence towards someone.
  • On a similar note, spamming chat and/or directed racist remarks or attacks are not tolerated. It makes you look like an ass, looks bad on us, and can get your account banned from about every game nowadays.
  • Try not to intentionally talk over other people while on comms unless relaying important info/intel. Due to latency across the globe there's already enough overlap without throwing in people fighting to be supreme discussion leader of Teamspeak.